Nirit Cohen

Personal Branding: Your Anchor in the Changing World o Work 

The world of work will change more in the next 10 years than it has changed in the past 200. It’s going to be a wild ride… and a tremendous opportunity for those who grab it. Nirit will take you on an eye-opening and mind-broadening tour of what the future of work will look like. She’ll share practical strategies on how to adapt successfully, spot the opportunities in advance and develop a personal brand that will set you riding the crest of the wave.

Nirit Cohen is a consultant and lecturer on the future world of work and its implications for careers and organizations as well as its broader impact on educational, social and labor systems. She is known for her blog, her weekly column about the future of work in the “Globes” financial news and the direction of several international and local conferences on strategic approaches to the changing world of work. Nirit currently holds the position of Senior HR Director at Intel, where she has served in varied international roles over the past 25 years.