10th Temech Conference

Unlock the Wealth

21 Cheshvan 5780 / November 19, 2019 International Convention Center (Binyanei HaUma), Jerusalem


You are invited to the 10th Annual Temech Conference for Women in Business

Join us at the leading professional conference for Orthodox women in Israel

About the Conference

The 10th Temech Conference:  is a day dedicated to women like you: observant women who are capable, talented, and actively investing effort into achieving their professional potential.

The Temech Conference is where women like you come together to form fruitful alliances, gain empowering tools and knowledge, and feel the embrace of the community supporting you.

Come and create your own story at the Temech Conference!

About Temech

Temech is a nonprofit organization established in 2005. Temech is committed to empowering and training Orthodox women in Israel to maximize their employment opportunities and create financial security for their families.

Temech works in collaboration with employers, policy-makers, government representatives and key influencers, as well as rabbinic and lay leadership of the Orthodox community. The collective goal of every player involved with Temech is to ensure personal and professional growth while keeping the values and framework of the community strong.

This is the change Temech wants to see in our world, and we are making that change happen, together with you. Temech programs are initiated by Orthodox women, tailored to Orthodox women and run by Orthodox women. Temech has the full support of the Orthodox rabbinic leadership in Israel and abroad.

Who is it for?

The Temech Conference is for all professional women across Israel including those who want to advance in their careers, negotiate better salaries or terms, change career tracks, open a business or take their enterprise to the next level. Topics covered will include strategic and creative thinking, overcoming challenges and establishing tactical building blocks to success. In addition, the networking aspect is often the most valued ingredient; at past Temech conferences, participants have walked away not only with new skills and ideas, but additionally, with new partners, contracts, referrals, and revenue streams!

When and where?

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 / 21 Cheshvan 5780

8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

International Convention Center (Binyanei HaUma), Zalman Shazar Blvd, Jerusalem

Of all the conferences in the world

The Temech Conference is where it’s at.

A day of connecting with religious women professionals from all over Israel (bond with women who really get you!)

A day of enjoyable, fun experiences (get some downtime and let your business benefit too!)

A day of enriching your professional toolbox (in an environment in line with your values!)

A day of motivation, inspiration, support and community (this is YOUR place!)

The program includes


A wealth of connections: Structured and unstructured networking to expand your professional circles

A wealth of examples: Success stories from women like you - and how you can apply the lessons to your business

A wealth of ideas: Eye-opening activities and workshops to inspire creative thinking and expression

A wealth of knowledge: Lectures and consulting from field professionals to impart valuable expertise

בשביל להתמקצע

אנשי מקצוע שיעבירו
מידע מקצועי שיזניק את
העסק שלך קדימה

בשביל למכור

חדר מכירות שיתן לך
את כל הטיפים למכור
הרבה יותר

בשביל להתמתג

“בעשר אצבעות”
השראה מבעלות עסקים שעשו את זה.
ואיך זה קשור לעסק שלך

בשביל להתחבר

מתחם נטוורקינג מקצועי
שיגדיל את מעגל
הקשרים העסקי שלך

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